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Multi Filling System Machine

1. Automatic detection of filling, no bottle no filling. Stand-alone operation can also be equipped to work on the assembly line. 

2. Can be equipped with multiple filling heads, models: double, four, six, eight in first class.

3. Filling control with high precision, Programmable Graphic: Point, Line, Circle, Arc, Continuous Line ect.

4. High speed running, smooth and smooth, small noise

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POD filling machine at YouTube

Multi Filling System Specification:

Process Range: X/Y/Z(mm): 300/300/100mm

Heavy Load: Y/Z:5KG/3KG

Moving Speed: X&Y/Z(mm/sec):300/200mm

Repeat Precision: ±0.05mm

Machine Size: 637*660*820mm

Machine Weight: 60kgs

Program Recording Mode: 100 groups, 4000point/group

Displayer: LCD (320*240)

Motor System: Stepper Motor

Programmable Graphic: Point, Line, Circle, Arc, Continuous Line ect.

Driving Method: Step Motor+Accurate Linear Guide

Motion Interpolation Function: 3axis

Edit Mode: Teach Pendant/PC

I/0Signal: 4 inputs / 4 outputs

External Control Interface: rs232

Power Source: AC220V

Operating Ambient Temperature:5-40℃

Working Humidity: 20~90% Non Condensing

Custom(not include):

1. Custom made Jigs(for cartridge/vape pen/bottles/vials/PDS/disposable vapes)

2. Heating equipment near needle

3. Heating stainless steel barrel (with or without Agitator,barrel tank: 8L/4L/1L/500ml/300ml)

4. Heating transfer oil pipe (Teflon & anti-heating material)

5. Capsuler filler jigs


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